Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I need advice on kissing a girl for the first time??

HElp!!!!I need advice on kissing a girl for the first time??
Be brave but gentle.I need advice on kissing a girl for the first time??
Wait for the right moment coz if you are in a hurry, girl will think you are up for sex. Hold her hands, and nowhere else. Slight kiss on the lips first, and if she doesn't resist, kiss again until she parts her lips and you are on your way. Take her cues... If she's not ready, you have to hold your horses, man. And MIND those hands, don't travel anywhere under her shoulders... Good luck!!
wear a good scent, be sure to have a fresh breath, find something interesting to tell her, then lower your voice, that will make her lean towards you without realizing, when she s close enough shut up and kiss her

u will get answers like ';be yourself'; ';relax';-%26gt;screw that
Kiss her. Trust me, kissing is inate; like breathing. Especially if you love breathing. Like you will love kissing.
kiss her slowly and gentlyon her lips no french kissing.
well the first is always the worst.so get on with it and learn from your mistakes.experience is gooooood
just push your two foeheads together and start shacking

the end! Good night!
hold her hands, or touch her cheeks softly, kiss her gently ^^
Brush your teeth, and don't eat her lips off when you try to kiss her take it easy it will come naturally.
I know probs 10000 ppl will say 'be yaself' and thts sooo true but its hard to wen ur under tht kinda pressure, so i suggest tht u have a genral normal convosation and then step closer and lean in, dont go smashin ur heads together, just softly kiss her and dont go stickin ur tongue down her thoart, give urself time, tht kinda stuff comes later, kiss her with closed lips so both of u know that its just a little kiss and tht ur not goin to push her or urself into it.

Good Luck and I hope tht hlped! :D
If its your first time, then take it slow, because later on you want to remember this, just look into her eyes and then look at her lips letting u know u want to kiss her, and when u look at her then u just know whens the right time to make ur move :)

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